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Every icXlegal website plan comes equipped with more standard features than we can list here... but click below to see some of the highlights. As you read this, know that the icXlegal team is hard at work developing the features you'll need down the road. Best of all, you will never need to "re-do" your website in order to take advantage of them.


  • Thumbnail image | Outstanding Agency-Quality Designs
  • Outstanding Agency-Quality Designs

    icXlegal’s designs are created by the same team that has produced award-winning websites for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious AMLAW 100 firms. Where other web companies offer generic “themes” or “templates” icXlegal offers comprehensive design frameworks informed by 20 years of strategic intelligence

  • Thumbnail image | Mobile Ready
  • Mobile Ready

    Your clients are spending more time working away from their desks, and your website needs to move with them. Every icXlegal website plan comes with a mobile-optimized version that puts your firm in your clients’ pockets. Every page, perfectly displayed, on every device.

  • Thumbnail image | Accessible
  • Accessible

    icXlegal strives to provide all website visitors with a great user experience. We work diligently to make our websites compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Level A and AA criteria.

  • Thumbnail image | The Ease and Power of Crosslinks
  • The Ease and Power of Crosslinks

    The icXlegal team pioneered the use of relational crosslinking in law firm websites, establishing numerous best-practice standards currently in use today by nearly all large firms. Using this quick and easy one-click mechanism, you will be able to distribute and connect relevant content throughout your website in just a few seconds.  

  • Thumbnail image | Best-in-Class Attorney Biographies
  • Best-in-Class Attorney Biographies

    At icXlegal, we understand that your professional biographies are your most important marketing asset. Our rich presentation of each individual's capabilities, published materials and experience – elegantly balanced and organized in a microsite format – provides your website visitors with all the information they need in one place

  • Thumbnail image | All Your Published Materials, in Perfect Order
  • All Your Published Materials, in Perfect Order

    News releases, media mentions, authored articles, events, speaking engagements, representative matters, and much more... all labeled and categorized to suit the content you have. Attach PDFs and web links to any item you post. Highlight them in all the right places using crosslinks. Let users filter by attorney or practice area. And move items on and off your home page with a single click. With icXlegal, you can do it like the big firms do.

  • Thumbnail image | A Blog You Have Time For
  • A Blog You Have Time For

    Get your thoughts out to your readers without the extra hassles associated with a generic blog that isn’t tailored to lawyers. Your icXlegal blog lets you publish fast, tag posts intelligently, and get on with your day. Your readers will appreciate the law-specific nomenclature and subscription features.

  • Thumbnail image | Video Done Right
  • Video Done Right

    icXlegal's advanced integration with YouTube and Vimeo merges these industry leading broadcast video platforms with the streamlined law-specific elegance of icXlegal. Publish any number of YouTube and Vimeo videos to your website and organize them by custom channels of your choosing. Users can filter your video content by channel, attorney or practice area. A seamless video player keeps visitors on your site, while the social sharing nature of YouTube and Vimeo gets more eyes on your firm.


  • Thumbnail image | Social Media Lawyers Actually Use
  • Social Media Lawyers Actually Use

    Ask most lawyers about social media, and they will tell you that they don't have time to waste. We agree. Your icXlegal website comes integrated with the social media features that matter to lawyers, and doesn't waste your time with ones that don't. Highlight your firm and individual attorneys' social profiles. Let users share links to your content with others and subscribe to your video, news, publications and blog feeds.

  • Thumbnail image | Content in Any Language
  • Content in Any Language

    With an icXlegal website, you can market your services to any audience, in any language, around the globe. Every element within an icXlegal website can be localized... including structural elements like site navigation, search menus, footer content and labels. Don't settle for posting a PDF on your English site. Make a strong connection with all your foreign language audiences using icXlegal Global. 


  • Thumbnail image | Beautiful Printed Versions
  • Beautiful Printed Versions

    icXlegal designers never forget that a crisp, clean printed page is still a great marketing tool. Every page of every icXlegal website has been optimized as a sharp printable takeaway you’ll be proud to show off.

  • Thumbnail image | Content Management Anyone Can Use
  • Content Management Anyone Can Use

    Tired of hearing that Content Management Systems are easy to use, when they really aren’t? Don’t believe that you can really take care of the day-to-day management of your website? Sign up for a demo and let us show you what you’ve been missing. The icXlegal team has been building CMS tools for law firms for over 20 years… and icXlegal offers the best content management experience yet.

  • Thumbnail image | Monitor Website Activity
  • Monitor Website Activity

    Once you've put your best foot forward with a great website from icXlegal  and published great content about your firm  you can monitor activity right from your icXlegal CMS portal dashboard. Powered by an integration with Google Analytics, the established industry for website traffic metrics, your dashboard gives you one-click access to the most useful and commonly requested reports in an easy-to-follow format. Finally  website traffic metrics that make sense.



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