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  • Overview

    The bright lights of the national media could shine on your firm at any moment. Is your website ready for the attention?

    Greenwald Davidson Radbil PLLC is a consumer finance and securities fraud boutique with an outstanding reputation among both clients and the courts. When the firm learned that a partner was to be quoted on a high-profile topic in The New York Times, a new concern emerged: the firm's website did not properly reflect the caliber and professionalism of the firm, at the exact moment when new and potentially valuable eyes would be on them.

    With only 3 business days until the press date, the firm called icXlegal.

    Before icxLegal
    • Awkward, unprofessional design
    • No cohesive brand or identity
    • Collection of long, text-heavy pages without organization
    • Poor quality printable takeaways
    • Numerous missing best practices for law firm websites
    • Little or no search engine optimization techniques applied
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  • Impact

    In just 2 days, the firm's new website was ready to make a great impression on the influx of new visitors.

    The firm was smart to make the change, as website traffic in the days following the article's release quickly doubled. Going forward, the firm's attorneys can feel confident engaging in the activities that will generate more visibility knowing that the website will only reinforce their efforts.

    After icxLegal
    • Professional identity and presentation
    • Excellent structure, organization and legibility
    • Rich attorney bio presentation
    • Brochure-quality printable outputs
    • Best practices for SEO structure facilitating inbound search traffic
    • Significant increase in average website traffic overall

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  • Client Feedback
    James L. DavidsonPartner

    “With only three days notice of our upcoming appearance in the The New York Times, we naturally assumed that getting a vastly improved website in time – with all of our content moved over and reorganized – was impossible. I called icXlegal to ask anyway, and was immediately struck by how their team embraced the challenge. They understood that this was important to us, and it became important to them too. We were very happy with the results, and made the deadline with time to spare.

    The icXlegal team knows exactly what to do, what to ask, and how to smoothly choreograph all of the components of a web project. They are always looking for opportunities to add value, and our firm has benefitted greatly from their expertise.”

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